Private sessions are personalised, focused classes in which I  tailor the practice to your needs. 
Many students make greater progress in one-on-one sessions. 

You might consider privates because you:

  • have therapeutic needs due to : back pain, sciatica, disc herniation,  knee injuries, shoulder injuries, pelvic a-symmetry, scoliosis, hyper-mobility or other structural injuries/imbalances
  • are not able to participate in group classes due to physical restrictions that require an individualised approach
  • want to bring more consistency & depth to your practice
  • make progress by receiving undivided attention
  • are new to yoga and seek to build a clear foundation
  • feel intimidated, overwhelmed, competitive or simply uncomfortable in group settings
  • can't fit studio classes in your schedule

Sessions are 90 minutes.


1 Class                                              95€
10 Class Package                        885€

1 Class for 2 people                   125€
10 Class Package for 2            1170€


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