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I am a FRC mobility specialist (FRCms).
My approach is primarily informed by Functional Range Conditioning. Prior to specialising in mobility training, I was a postural yoga teacher for 8 years. I retired from teaching yoga in 2018 mainly because I wanted to focus specifically on joint health.

I specialise in helping people build better joints and consequently move better.

I work with a wide spectrum of clients. From general population of all ages to yoga teachers to athletes to dancers to people looking to rebuild capacity after rehabilitation, I have a keen eye and the expertise to guide each individual in their respective journey toward a more balanced & resilient body.

I always do my best to show up with a high level of focus and expect nothing less from my clients. I believe that it is the mutual dedication to the work that results in progress.


  • Your body can only adapt to the things you do. It can not adapt to the things you don’t do.
    This means, if you want a strong and mobile body, one that is able to withstand a variety of demands, you need to regularly place a variety of demands upon your body. When this is done intelligently and progressively the body over time becomes more able to handle a variety of stress.

  • Healthy joints are the basis of all movement.
    One of the first things I check when working with someone (doesn’t matter if they are a regular person, athlete, yogi, dancer) is: Does each joint in their body do the things that it is supposed to be doing. Is the shoulder doing the things, a shoulder is supposed to do? Is the hip doing the things a hip is supposed to do? etc. Due to our lifestyle, we are currently seeing a lot of joint dysfunction. I see a lot of people trying to learn complex movements without actually having addressed their joint dysfunction. This is highly problematic. If we are trying to build capacity on top of dysfunction, we are actually not building capacity but rather just more dysfunction!! Therefore rebuilding function always must come first.

  • The nervous system controls everything.
    In order to even move your joints or engage you muscles, your nervous system has to be able to communicate with the various parts (neurological control). When we stop moving our joints in all the various ways they can move, not only do we lose the ranges of motion in the joint, neurological control also begins to fade. When you are working on re-building/improving mobility, please be aware that neurological control has to be rebuilt as well.

  • Flexibility is different from mobility.
    Flexibility is passive range of motion.
    Mobility is active range of motion.
    Life for the most part requires active range of motion. You may have a lot of passive range, however if you are not able to generate force in these ranges, they are not considered functional. What I specialise in is helping you develop better active range, so that you can be strong in every position, from any angle and do anything you want to do!

  • Mobility training and the expression of mobility are different things.
    I currently dedicate most of my time to teaching mobility TRAINING.
    Please understand that Yoga asanas / Dance / Climbing /Martial Arts/ Life are EXPRESSIONS of mobility, but not mobility training. Please do not confuse the two.