Welcome to the super secret access to Maria’s Mobility Membership!

First off: Let’s all agree that online training cannot replace in-person training . If you can get to a FRC mobility specialist in person, I recommend you do that. Mobility work is best done one-on-one over long periods of time.
This Online Membership is simply my solution for people who don’t have an FRC professional in their area or for some other reason cannot attend in-person training.


  • understand what range you have available in each joint

  • get strong in all ranges of motion, with special focus on the end ranges

  • improve and challenge body control

  • target your weak points and carve out new ranges of motion

  • build well functioning and resilient joints

  • mitigate injury

  • once good human joint function has been established > improve performance in whatever movement discipline or sport you practice


  • Access closed facebook group with

    • daily morning mobility routine

    • 30 - 90 min classes

    • occasional bonus content such as brief talks on mobility training related topics

    • 24/7 support via discussion forum


  • All the content will be made available to you via a closed facebook group. You will need internet access and a facebook account.

  • You can access the content at any time you choose as long as you have internet

  • At all times you will have access to morning mobility routine (CARs), 2 different classes (every 2 weeks I take one down and upload a new one). Overtime I will add bonus content like brief talks on mobility related topics, extra tutorials.

  • The membership fee is 50€ per month and is set up as a monthly recurring paypal payment. You can cancel anytime.

  • Once you have made the payment, click here to request to join the group.
    IMPORTANT! If your facebook name is different from your name in the email, let me know, otherwise I will not let you in.

After the 3 week trial, membership costs 50€ per month. You can cancel anytime via paypal. There are no pro-rated refunds.