For those not able to train with me in person, I offer an online training membership.
You can train your joints from the comfort of your home.


  • understand what range you have available in each joint

  • get strong in all ranges of motion, with special focus on the end ranges

  • improve and challenge body control

  • target your weak points and carve out new ranges of motion

  • build well functioning and resilient joints

  • mitigate injury

  • improve performance in whatever movement discipline or sport you practice


  • Access closed Facebook group with

    • brief lectures

    • material to help you build a daily morning mobility routine (CARs)

    • regularly updated training classes

    • bonus content

    • 24/7 support via discussion forum


  • All the content will be made available to you via a closed Facebook group. You will need internet access and a Facebook account.

  • You do NOT need to be online at any specific time. You can access the content at any time you choose.

  • At all times you will have access to morning mobility routine (CARs), 2 different classes per month (every 2 weeks I take one down and upload a new one) as well as bonus content like brief talks on mobility related topics, extra tutorials.

  • The membership fee is 50€ per month and is set up as a monthly recurring paypal payment. You can cancel anytime.


Please get on the waitlist below to be the first to know when I let new members join.


What is the type of mobility training you are offering in this online membership?

What I offer in this membership is mobility training based on what I do in a one-on-one in person setting, which is called FRC (Functional Range Conditioning).
In one-on-one training I assess the individual first to then decide what is needed to improve their mobility.
Depending on the findings in the assessment and the goals of that individual this can either be creating more range of motion or creating more control of existing range or strengthening a specific range or strengthening the full range of motion.

My preferred way of working with someone on their mobility would always be to work one-on-one in person as it is the most effective way.
But since I have limited time and availability to see one-on-one clients and you might not live near my, my solution is this online membership.
In this group online setting I cannot assess you, so I will over time teach you how to do a a daily self-assessment.
In the classes I will teach exercises that address common deficits and weak points and put a big emphasis on joint health, joint longevity and body control (because every person will benefit from that).
Alongside training you, I will educate you about the thought process behind mobility training so that you can eventually start to individualise your training to your specific needs.

What are the pre-requisites to become a member?
The only thing I ask of you is that you are curious to learn more about your body.
I work with people of a variety of movement backgrounds: dancers, athletes, people who spend lots of time sitting, yogis who want to balance their flexibility with strength etc. EVERYONE IS WELCOME.

What do I need to access the online platform?
The online content will be accessible via a closed facebook group.
You will need internet access and a facebook account. If you don’t have a facebook account, I recommend you make one just for this.

How much content will there be on the platform? What type of content ?
The online platform is structured into different units.
Unit 1 is content related to the morning joint hygiene routine (CARs)
Unit 2 is classes. At all times you will have 2 classes available. Every 2 weeks I take one down and replace with a new one.
Unit 3 is a section where I answer questions that come up often.
Unit 4 is bonus material such as homework, tutorials, articles etc.

Do I need to be online at a specific time to access the content?
No, you can access the content anytime.

What language are the classes is in ?
All classes will be in English.

How does payment work? Is there a minimum amount of time I have to commit to the membership?
Payment is set up as a monthly paypal payment. If you are taking advantage of the summer special offer, you will be billed the first 2 months at once, afterwards you will be billed monthly. You can cancel the subscription any time. If you cancel the subscription you will still have access until the end of the current payment cycle.

I don’t have paypal. Can I still become a member?
At this moment in time paypal is unfortunately the only payment method I accept. You will need to make a paypal account to become a member.

I have an injury. Can I still take classes? Is this like therapy?
Mobility work is not therapy. I am not saying that you cannot do mobility work while having an injury, I am just saying that in order to rehabilitate an injury you should see a physiotherapist. Depending on where you live I might be able to connect you to an FR provider (which are therapists trained in the Functional Range System). You can still participate in the classes, as long as you know your limitations and know when to modify or skip an exercise.
For example: If you have an injury on the left knee, you might have to modify or skip an exercise on that knee. But you can still do the exercise on the right knee, you can still do all the upper body and hip exercises. You can still do everything else, as long as you respect the limitations of the injured joint.
We do speak about injury mitigation in the context of mobility work. What that means is that this training is meant to help prevent/lower risk of future injuries. Again please understand that you you need physiotherapy to move past an existing injury, even if you do mobility work simultaneously.