Working with me privately on a one-on-one basis is the most effective and efficient way to improve your movement capacity. Out of all the possible training situations (group, online, private) private training is the best one. Since it is just you and me, we can take a deep dive into first assessing YOUR individual needs & goals. And then we create a road map for how to get you there. From making you a better hip/shoulder, to improving body awareness & control, to specific movement/pose oriented work, everything is on the table.
You can expect to work progressively week by week, while receiving weekly homework and continuous support in your process.


In our first session we will take ample time to discuss where you are and where you want to go.
I place special focus on helping you understand how your body works. If during this conversation it becomes apparent that you hold believes that are actually not helping you move forward, we will address those. Be aware that I might challenge previously held believes about how the human body functions.
After a thorough conversation, I will assess the joint(s) most relevant to your goals.
If time permits I might already introduce your first homework assignments.

If after our first session you decide to continue working with me, we will take progressive steps toward your goals. Please understand that only regular mobility training will result in actual, lasting changes. Most clients come in once or twice a week. In addition you will need to do homework. As we move forward, we will continuously re-assess and adjust your training program when appropriate.


First Session - 90 min 99€
Subsequent Sessions - 10 Class Package à 90 min            990€
(to be used within 3 months)

Private Group training is possible (even though I recommend working one on one as this will be more effective in terms of creating the changes you seek). If you wish to book me for group mobility training, please ask me and I will send you pricing info depending on group size.

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