Anna Rita Cedroni
architect, dancer, performer


Kristin Hanusch-Linser
executive advisor

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Margit Pospisil

After a long break from dancing due to some injuries, I got back to it and found it was not only exciting but also a bit dangerous. Getting older, the muscle mass and strength decrease almost by 50% between the ages of 30 and 80 and the risk of injury increases significantly.
I had injuries of the shoulders, knees and feet.
So I started looking for something that would give my body back its strength and stability. That’s when I decided to start Maria’s course (about 2 months ago). The results are definitively surprising. I am improving the control of my entire body, building strength without losing flexibility. I see the benefits of increasing my functional fitness level in dancing and my coordination in performing much more complex movements.
The most unique thing is that Maria’s approach is based on the assessment of each single part- spine, shoulders, legs, hips, every joint- proposing different solutions for different problems for different people.
I strongly recommend training with Maria not only to those who want to improve sport performances, but to all those who want to improve the quality of life in an intelligent way, letting themselves be guided by an extraordinary person like Maria.
The understanding that less is so much more, opens a new dimension for my yoga practice. By training with Maria you’ll learn that a progressive building of capacity is way more valuable than a chic pose. Her profound anatomical knowledge, precision in execution and accessible teaching methodology propel you further.


After this past week with you I am convinced that mobility training is a fantastic thing even for women above the age of 60. Not only did I get to know my body better, but I am now also aware of my weak points and have some tools to work toward improving these. Your patient and slowly progressing teaching style, showed me a way to make my whole body fitter without confusing me with vocabulary or asking dangerous handstands of me. It was a really great experience!