I’ve been doing yoga quite intensively in studios for about seven years, and it started to feel like I’m repeating the same injuries over and over again out of habits that I learned that are no longer helpful. I took Maria’s semi-private “Build A Foundation” course to learn how to do postures carefully, not mechanically, and also to revisit my own personal motivation for why I do yoga. We were able to spend long periods of time on individual postures and go deep into the details of how to position the body so that the yoga feels really good and doesn’t cause injury. I would recommend the course to anyone who is doing yoga regularly and feels like they are never really getting enough advice from teachers in larger classes. This course has changed my entire practice and made me loads more confident about my yoga!
— Tanja
13 weeks after the birth of my son I started with the course “Build A Foundation”. I found the course really amazing. Every Monday the yoga practice energized me and reminded me that “who we are is more than the body”. I learned not to be afraid to try something new and that many times it´s about what happens along the way. I realized that it is possible to reach a lot with patience, practice and confidence. During this course I found a deeper reason to practice yoga. It was beautiful to experience that incredible feeling of lightness after practice.
Dear Maria, thank you so much that I’ve had the opportunity to learn from, be inspired by and practice with you!
— Vanja
I recommend Maria’s “Build A Foundation” course to anyone who is about to join yoga classes in any yoga studio. Even prior to attending beginner classes this course would give you the much needed details that teachers in bigger classes don’t have time and opportunity to pay attention to.
I had a decent experience before taking this course, but I learnt something new here. Maria’s classes helped me to open my chest and shoulders to an extent that I hadn’t been able to achieve before, though I had been practising yoga for some time already. I noticed that earlier in my practise I was attempting to stretch and bend into poses just on the account of flexibility, however now I realise muscle strength and engaging is equally important.
I felt a major shift in my practice when I started attending Maria’s classes, because the way she teaches to engage muscles and connect breath with movement is very detailed and empowering.
I am moving away from Vienna soon so I cannot continue to work with Maria, but I really hope she comes to Latvia with her workshops or organizes a yoga retreat in Latvia! :)
— Everita