I help people move better.

Hi! I am Maria. I am a mobility specialist based in Vienna, Austria. I am here to help you make lasting changes to your movement capacity.
My passion is helping people gain more freedom of movement and live in a pain-free, mobile, strong and resilient body. I have been in this industry for more than a decade. My mission has always been the same, yet the methods I apply have changed over the years. While I have different tools in my toolbox, I mainly use a method called Functional Range Conditioning  (FRC®). FRC is a system of mobility and joint control training, which, unlike many current systems, is based in scientific principals and research. As a coach/teacher/trainer, I am always learning and do my best to stay up-to-date with current movement science.

I work with people of a variety of ages and backgrounds.
Some of my clients are people who haven’t moved much in their life.
Some of my clients are professional dancers, athletes etc.
Some of my clients are movement teachers.

The main principle I work with is that the human body is an incredibly adaptable organism. If you give your body consistent input in a progressive (!) manner, your body will adapt to that input. When you set clear goals and are willing to do the work, you can drive this adaptation into any desired direction. You decide what that direction is. Everyone has different movement goals. If needed, I will help you figure out what yours are and guide you there in a sensible way. In my opinion, there are no magic tricks or quick fixes. The only thing that will produce real change is clearly directed efforts over long periods of time.

I am devoted to support you in that process to the best of my abilities.
Whoever you are I will see how I can help.